My child could not keep pace in the way the subject was taught at school. Difficulty in grasping knowledge taught via videos and online textbooks. Score was average. That Tuition Café’s tutor was very clear with the teaching and was very professional. My child found he could understand the material. He improved in less than 3 months with tuitorial at That Tuition Café. That Tuition Café - matching tutor and student. Choose a tutor who can break down the topic into easy to understand parts.
My 3 challenges: Struggled to learn, memorise details and learning how to apply formula. I was using the wrong methods and my Grade was just a B. The teachers at That Tuition Café curate the teaching to my pace. The teachers gave different methods to memorise details and whatsmore it is a very comfortable environment. I learnt so much more than what was in the syllabus. Am very happy as I scored As in Physics H2 and Maths H2.
IGCSE Student – Year 10
Maths / Physics H2
My 3 challenges are: - solving the questions - understanding the chemistry concept - MCQ I didn't understand during class At That Tuition Café, I had a focus tutor on a one to one basis. I can change tutors if not satisfied, or not suitable for me Tutors at the café were friendly and dedicated to teaching me. I could participate better in class and as a result the teachers are happier as I achieved better scores. I received 7 for Chemistry HL2. My advice to parents and students – Making time for tuition is better than to be behind in class.
Final Year IB student
IB Chemistry HL2
Homework, coursework, understanding content were the 3 challenges that I was facing in school. I was unable to overcome my challenges due to time and lack of help in school. I had private tuition at That Tuition Café and since as a student, we have no contact with the tutor, we are able to give honest feedback to the manager and TTC will help me look out for the tutor that best suits our needs. My quality of work improved within 3 to 6 months. Most of my Grades improved to a 6 and 7. Am happy that I had a 7 for English/TOK. Thank you for helping me get the best tutors !
Year 6 IB Student
Mr. Johnson has definitely helped me a lot for my TOK and I appreciate it.
Tuition with tutor David was very enjoyable and helpful. He always tries to keep me engaged during the lesson and he explains in a fun way to make sure the class isn’t boring.
I am always impressed by the service by the staff in That Tuition Café. No matter how small the fee, Ms Patricia will make sure the tutor received their payment promptly even that would mean that she has to do the fee transfer late at night or during the weekends. She would also ensure that the transaction is acknowledged. This is very reassuring to the tutor and the tutor can focus on what he or she is good at, that is to dispense knowledge to the students. Tutors often are referred to new students as well constantly. In short, tutors are well taken care of in TTC. I am very thankful for the trust and confidence given by That Tuition Café.
I would rate the session and Choy Boy a 4 out of 5. I was able to lay down my difficulties that I experienced and he guided me step-by-step on how to develop my mathematics skills. This was helpful as I was struggling to do that on my own. He’s very kind and kept asking if I was following, which was reassuring. He also did not hesitate when I asked him to repeat a point. However I feel like I would have benefitted more from session if we had discussed more via text prior to the session.
That Tuition Café’ management and service staff ensures that students and tutors are feeling comfortable and enjoying a conducive learning environment. Ms. Patricia is very meticulous, attentive and responsive. The physical space is hygienic, fragrant, elegant and immaculately managed. It feels like you are in a high class hotel’s lobby space. To add an exciting touch to the experience, calming yet mind enriching background music is also played.
That Tuition Cafe is an excellent place for students to study and consult their tutors about their academic matters. The ambience is lovely and the set-up is very conducive for learning and teaching. In addition, That Tuition Cafe employs an excellent group of tutors who have many years of experience in the IGCSE, IBDP and the local O and A level examinations.