Having trouble with Principles of Accounts (POA)?
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The Tutorials will be given by ERIC ONG
MBA, MPA Uni. of Victoria, Australia
PGDE, Nat. Inst. of Education, Singapore
Bus, Nanyang Tech. Uni, Singapore

Targeted at Level:  3E / 4E / 3N / 4N / 5N

DATE: 05 June
TIME: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
TOPIC: Double entries for common business transactions
What will you learn?

  • Double entry rules for assets, liabilities, capital and drawings.

  • Recording a cash or credit purchase of an asset

  • Recording a sale of an asset on credit or for cash

  • Recording a payment to a trade creditor.

  • Recording an investment or withdrawal from the business proprietor.

  • Recording common business operating costs

  • Recording business income


DATE: 12 June
TIME: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
TOPIC: Accounting for non-current assets
What will you learn?

  • Characteristics of non-current assets

  • Capital expenditures & revenue expenditures

  • Depreciation and its calculation using different methods of depreciation

  • Preparing a depreciation schedule

  • Recording depreciation in the books

  • Determining carrying value of assets.

  • Recording disposal of assets

  • Determining the gain or loss on disposal




MBA, MPA Uni. of Victoria, Australia
PGDE, Nat. Inst. of Education, Singapore
B. Bus, Nanyang Tech. Uni, Singapore

Eric is an experienced trainer, tutor and lecturer who has spent more than 25 years teaching Accounting and Finance at GCE N/O/A Levels, LCCI, ACCA and university undergraduate programmes. Eric was an MOE teacher of Principles of Accounts at N, O and A Levels and Management of Business at A Level. He then went to China and Vietnam for many years, teaching Accounting and Finance at the universities there. Eric is also a master trainer for Pearson LCCI. He has conducted LCCI teachers’ workshops in China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Over the years, Eric has taught thousands of students, who have come from various countries such as Singapore, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, India and France.  Many of his students have graduated with flying colours from LCCI, ACCA and top UK universities, going on to become accountants, financial analysts or bankers. 

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