About That Tuition Café

That Tuition Café was conceived to connect the vast pool of qualified tutors passionate about teaching to students in a safe, cool and conducive environment.

We provide the ideal combination of seriousness of a tuition centre and the relaxed and familiar environment of a café.

Our unique mobile app allows students to easily browse through the list of verified tutors and available subjects. Students can choose their tutor for any selected subject and indicate their desired location, date and time for the tuition session. Our conveniently located café allows tutors and students to interact in a relaxed and cosy setting.

For tutors, we provide the opportunity to save time and money by avoiding travel from one location to another and at the same time being visible to a large student base. Our perfectly spaced tables and private room give students and tutors the flexibility to study individually or in a group.

Frequently asked questions

Please follow the step by step instructions in the student section on the website.

You can also download our app – Name here and open an account.

Proceed to the Tutor Page and register via link.

We have tutors for all subject for primary, secondary to JC / IB levels. 

We also have tutors for business studies, finance and Principle of Accounts, for University level.

We are located at 8A Sixth Avenue (just above BreadTalk, which is a 3 minute walk from Sixth Avenue MRT Station)

The minimum duration required by tutors is 2 hours.

We do not take deposit.  The student has to prepay through debit/credit card for the tutorial.

Lessons cannot be cancelled through the App. Cancellations must be sought directly with the TTC Cafe Manager.  

If a student cancels more than 48 hours prior to the time of the book session, the amount will be credited to his/her account and can be used to book/re-schedule a new session with the same tutor. 

There will be no refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of the booked session.

If the tutor cancels a lesson, the client will be given a full refund of the booking fee.

Please refer to the TTC SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS under Bookings / Payment / Cancellation

For Group sessions, please contact the TTC manager.

All our tutors are highly qualified and motivated teachers who are committed to ensure that the student finds the learning process conducive. These tutors have strong credentials and a proven track record. 

We are open during Public and school holidays.